13 edycja Festiwalu Kalejdoskop!

Room 40

Maciej Kuźmiński
„Room 40”


Białostocki Teatr Lalek, friday, April 8th, 8:00 PM



The work allows different images to emerge. Seemingly disparatescenes connect, taking the spectator on a journey from total in volvement to self-awareness, from a small dance of muscles pasms to virtuosic movement driven by intention. Using the state of tiredness, Maciej Kuźmiński showcases dancers’ virtuosity, and casts a criticale yeat tradition, under mining established the atrical conventions. Balancing between forms, the piece is both provocative and moving.





The known Dance Tabs Magazine described ‘Room 40′ by Maciej Kuźmiński as “perfectly bridging concept and beauty” – a remark that well describes the style of the choreographer. His works,  formally daring, with weighted and dynamic movement, were presented over 50 times in 10 countries since 2013. The artist also received remarkable dance awards, such as the Audience Award at the Polish Dance Platform 2014, as well as both Audience and 2nd Prizes at the international Solo Dance Contest '15 in Gdańsk. Kuźmiński completed with Distinction BA Dance Theatre and MA Choreography at the prestigious Trinity Laban conservatoire in London.