13 edycja Festiwalu Kalejdoskop!


Krakowski Teatr Tańca



Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska, saturday, April 9th, 8:15 PM


Choreography: Idan Cohen


Nesting is a dance theatre piece developed by renowned Israeli choreographer Idan Cohen together with dancers of the Krakow Dance Theatre in association the Institute of Music and Dance in Warsaw. Derived from the verb denoting the process of nest weaving, NESTING guides the audience down the cultural path between Poland and Israel, tracing the oft unnoticed cultural links between our past and present. The performance cast the long-discussed Polish-Israeli relations in a new perspective.




Idan Cohen was born and raised in Israel, kibbutz Mizra. The kibbutz (a socialist community) life has had a wide effect on his artistic life and work. He received a scholarship to study theater and fine arts at the "Art colony", in Israel 's Negev (desert). He joined the world known K.C.D.C (founder Yehudit Arnon). Since 2003 he is creating, performing and teaching successfully as an international award winning independent choreographer.